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Wesley Research Institute

Last Thursday evening on the 6th of June, the Wesley Hospital Auditorium was filled with a community of people who were eager to learn more about all things coeliac disease, including the latest research, clinical trial updates and advocacy efforts.

The event was a tremendous success and an excellent opportunity for coeliac disease advocates to connect, learn, and enjoy gluten-free food and drinks.

Leading gastroenterologist Dr James Daveson, Clinical Director of the institute’s Coeliac Disease and Immune Health Research Program, the first speaker for the night, updated us with the latest research on coeliac disease, including its history and targets for treatments.  

Dr Jennifer Schafer, provided us all with a scope of available treatments for coeliac disease that the Wesley Research have recently and are currently trialing, as well as looking towards the future of coeliac research and clinical trials at Wesley Research Institute.

Rob Campbell, our guest speaker, provided an insightful view of the patients perspective of participating in Coeliac Clinical Trials. Thank you Rob for speaking on the night, and for bringing the non-stop laughter!

Many attendees were impressed with the presentations, and they expressed their excitement for the future of coeliac disease research and clinical trials. 

We'd like to thank our caterers for the evening, Wesley Hospital Catering Services and OMG! Decadent Donuts for supplying us with a range of gluten free finger food and delicious desert options. 

The Coeliac Research Network Night, was supported by the Rosalie Martin Memorial Fund, as part of the Wesley Research Institute Advocates Event Series. 


The evening brought together the institute’s Coeliac Research Network; an important adjunct to the range of community supports available for coeliac patients. It was a fascinating event which both informed the audience and called for people to participate in trials on the treatment and management of coeliac disease.

 "The event was an excellent opportunity for coeliac disease advocates to connect and network. It was great to see a range of different attendees at the event, from coeliac disease patients, carers, doctors, donors to allied health professionals" said a Wesley Research Institute staff member.

The positive feedback from attendees showed that the event was successful in bringing together a community of passionate and friendly people.

Overall, the Coeliac Research Network Night was a great success, bringing together a community of passionate advocates and experts who are committed to improving the lives of people with coeliac disease. We look forward to holding more events like this in the future.

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