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This was my first experience at being involved in any sort of research. If I get the opportunity again, I would definitely put my hand up after the wonderful experience I had with your team. Thank you so much to Emma and all your team for making me feel so welcome.   


Meet Jillian, retired nurse and mother of six from Brisbane. Jillian is among the estimated 360,000 Australians who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease.  

Like many, Jillian had no family history of coeliac disease and was diagnosed later in life at the age of 62.  

After an endoscopy, Jillian was informed that gluten exposure had damaged the villi in her small intestine, meaning that her body wasn’t absorbing nutrients. She started a strict gluten free diet soon after. 

Having a background in the health industry, losing her daughter to brain cancer and living with five auto-immune diseases, has sparked Jillian’s interest in research which led her to us.   

While reading a Coeliac Australia newsletter, Jillian discovered our Gluten Threshold Study and didn’t hesitate to participate. This study compared small doses of gluten; Each participant ingested either a dose of gluten or a placebo and was then observed for side effects. The participants will learn the outcomes of the study and whether they received gluten or the placebo later this year.  

Her first experience with the Wesley Research Institute’s Clinical Trials Centre was a very positive one, which Jillian largely puts down to Clinical Nurse Emma. 

“She went above and beyond to make me feel respected and valued during the many hours I spent at the Wesley Research Institute. Her very happy, positive nature always shone through and nothing was too much trouble for her. She even persevered and managed to cannulate me every time, even though I have very difficult veins!!” 

We are so grateful to Jillian for participating in the trial, sharing her story and advocating for medical research. 

If you’d like to share your experience please contact enquiries@wesleyresearch.org.au.

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