Clinical Trials Centre

Clinical Trials Centre

The Wesley Medical Research Clinical Trials Centre conducts industry and investigator-led phase II-IV clinical trials with a focus on evaluating therapies, drugs and diagnostic tools to drive discoveries into clinical practice.  The Centre has extensive experience in a range of therapeutic areas, participating in over 120 clinical trials since 1994. Engaged across four hospitals; St Stephens (Hervey Bay), Buderim Private,  St Andrews Hospital and Wesley Hospital, Wesley Medical Research has unique access to metropolitan and regional clinicians and patients.

 Wesley Medical Research focuses on providing patients, researchers and sponsors with a professional experience.  Our dedicated staff strive for a reputation of integrity and quality through timely recruitment and accurate reporting, whilst delivering a warm, caring and inviting environment for patients.

Recruiting Clinical Trials

The following clinical trials are investigating new treatments and are in the process of recruiting participants. Some of the recruitment pathways for these trials are open to the public while others require a specialist referral. If you are interested in participating, please consult with your medical professional to see if a clinical trial might be right for you.

Active Clinical Trials

The following trials are closed for recruitment, however, they are still active. Thank you to all of the patients who have been part of these trials and continue to help further research. 

  • Pompe Disease - Comet study Phase III

    A Phase 3 randomized, multicenter, multinational, double-blinded study comparing the efficacy and safety of repeated biweekly infusions of neoGAA (GZ402666) and alglucosidase alfa in treatment-naïve patients with late-onset Pompe disease.

  • Porphyria - Envision Study Phase III

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of subcutaneous givosiran (ALN-AS1), compared to placebo, on the rate of porphyria attacks in patients with Acute Hepatic Porphyrias (AHP).

  • Multiple Sclerosis - Alemtuzumab Extension Study -Phase IIIB-IV

    Long-Term Follow-up Study for Patients Who Participated in CAMMS03409 (TOPAZ). The objective is to evaluate the long-term safety of alemtuzumab.

  • Breast Cancer - SNAC Trial Phase III

    SNAC2: A randomised phase III study to determine in women with early breast cancer whether sentinel node based management increases the risk of loco-regional recurrence and in particular, axillary clearance, compared with axillary clearance with any subgroup of women.

  • Multiple Sclerosis - Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial Phase IIb

    The trial will test whether vitamin D supplements can delay or prevent a second episode, or attack, which would lead to a diagnosis of MS. It also tests the appropriate dosage levels and safety.

What do clinical trials mean to the families of participants?

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