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At Wesley Research Institute we focus on translational research, which means linking clinical and health research to patients. We are all about people and helping improve health outcomes and the quality of life. We would love our community to get involved, whether that’s though volunteering, making a donation or attending an event, you are helping Wesley Research institute by showing your support.

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Your Impact

Thank you for making an impact. We have several major, corporate and individual donors without whose generosity it would simply be impossible for our institute to function.
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News & Events

Wesley Research Institute has many events and activities throughout the year that the community can get involved in. Keep up to date with our research through our press releases, published articles and Impact magazine.
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Patient Stories

Read about some of our amazing patients and their personal journeys with diseases such as Coeliac, Cancer and Tourette's Syndrome.
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Leave a Gift in your will

Help ensure that groundbreaking medical research is translated to into real and valuable treatments.
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We would love to hear from you. Now that the pandemic is (almost) behind us we can welcome back our volunteers to Wesley Research Institute.
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