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Wesley Research Institute receives a large amount of research interest from health professionals affiliated with UnitingCare, including from all four hospitals (The Wesley Hospital, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Buderim Private Hospital and St Stephen’s Hospital in Hervey Bay), and UnitingCare Queensland's community-based health services (Family and Disability Services, Blue Care, Lifeline, ARRCS). 

We actively collaborate with universities, government and industry including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and device manufacturing leaders worldwide who seek to leverage our access to UnitingCare Queensland - the single largest non-government employer in the state of Queensland, for the progression of cutting-edge health and medical research. With consistent ongoing funding from our generous donors, Wesley Research Institute continues to support its rapidly expanding in house capabilities and research programs.

Health Services Research

Health Services Research is a new and fast-growing area of research for the Wesley Research Institute. We aim to improve healthcare delivery by supporting heathcare providers to design, implement and evaluate new models of healthcare delivery. 
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Coeliac Disease and Immune Health 

Wesley Research Institute is developing a world leading multi-disciplinary research program for Coeliac Disease and Immune Health. This research looks to improve the understanding around the causes of Coeliac Disease, research into faster and more accurate diagnosis and increase the quality of life for patients and families. 
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Queensland Spatial Biology Centre

A ground-breaking research hub that is reshaping the future of healthcare through cutting-edge spatial biology techniques. The Queensland Spatial Biology Centre (QSBC) team is dedicated to unlocking the secrets of individual cell interactions, leading to highly personalised treatments for some of Australia's deadliest diseases, including cancer, heart disease and lung disease.
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2023 Clinical Grant Round

We look for staff and healthcare professionals (including but not limited to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, support services etc) who work at one or more of the UnitingCare Hospitals, interested in conducting investigator-initiated research projects.
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Our Research Goals

Research into faster and more accurate diagnosis

Improve understanding around the causes of disease and better prediction of disease progression

Increase survival and quality of life for patients and families

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