2023 Clinical Grant Round - Wesley Research Institute
Wesley Research Institute

Wesley Research Institute 2023 Grant Round Recipients

Wesley Research Institute is proud to announce the successful applicants for its prestigious 2023 Grant Round, reaffirming our commitment to fostering groundbreaking medical and health research.

This year, we’re funding six innovative projects across cardiovascular health, cancer therapy, neurology and pandemic preparedness.  This enables research to be undertaken of direct relevance to the areas of excellence at our UnitingCare Health hospitals, where the research project is often in an early stage requiring initial investment before further research funds can be secured.

Associate Professor David Wong and Dr Sepinoud Firouzmand

Evaluating the added benefits of amyloid-PET scans in Alzheimer’s disease assessment for early and accurate diagnosis.
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Dr Janine Porter-Steele and Professor Alexandra McCarthy

Aiming to test the feasibility of telehealth-delivered exercise therapy for cancer-treated ostomates, with a goal to improve their physical and emotional well-being.
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Dr James Winearls and Professor John Fraser

Creating artificial intelligence solutions for the early detection of complications associated with mechanical ventilation.

Professor John Fraser and Associate Professor Kirsty Short

Pioneering research to advance pandemic protection for youth, using cutting edge spatial biology tools at the Queensland Spatial Biology Centre. 
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Dr Luke Garske and Professor Ian Stewart

Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of inspiratory muscle threshold load training after surgical procedures for malignant pleural effusion.
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Dr Christopher Raffel and Professor John Fraser

Focused on developing advanced cardiac assessment techniques to enhance treatment outcomes for patients undergoing transcatheter edge-to-edge repair.
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