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Lung Cancer Survivor Michel Itel an advocate for Spatial Mapping of Digital Pathology

As a patient with a specific EGFR positive mutation, Michel benefited from targeted therapy, an approach that the new Queensland Spatial Biology Centre (QSBC) aims to enhance for future patients.

Amanda’s Story

Flashback to the middle of 2019, it was just like any other normal day at work for Amanda, until she noticed a lump in her groin.
Chloe Chan

Keeping it fun in the kitchen for a young family

Be a creative baker, have fun experimenting with new ingredients and be prepared to take your own food when you go out.
Lou Eborall

Coeliac Disease: This is Lou’s Story

When 15-year-old Lou Eborall found out she had coeliac disease nearly three years ago, her family was confident a new diet would see their teen bounce back to her happy, energetic self.
Kristina lying in a hospital bed

Kristina’s Story

I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 30, after I’d had no period for 2 years. I experienced a lot of other health issues too, and really wish I was diagnosed earlier.

Melanie’s Story: Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week

Melanie, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, is a young woman from China, who first came to Australia in 2016 to experience life studying abroad.
Chris Wright with Neuropsychiatrist and Lead Investigator Dr Phil Mosely

You have given Chris hope…

Chris Wright was the first participant to commence treatment on a medicinal cannabis clinical trial to treat his neurological disorder Tourette’s syndrome
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