New Insights to Understand the Neurobiology of COVID-19 - Wesley Research Institute
Wesley Research Institute

In a groundbreaking collaboration, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, The University of Queensland, and John Hopkins University have joined forces to generate a digital pathology assessment of cellular COVID-19 neural tissue data. This innovative project utilises advanced imaging and genomics technology, allowing for the interrogation and digital assessment of tissue at a single-cell level.

Unlike traditional pathology labs, which can only analyse two proteins at a time, this cutting-edge tool can analyse up to 100 proteins and 18,000 genes, providing an unprecedented level of insight into the neural tissue affected by COVID-19. The study aims to identify which cells are damaged and which pathways are activated or deactivated, shedding light on the neurological effects of the virus.

This world-first study will provide an in-depth profile of COVID-19 neural tissues, offering valuable data on neural cell types and gene expression. Moreover, the project will provide an open-source data-sharing tool, enabling researchers worldwide to use the molecular reference tool to understand the neurological effects of COVID-19.

The collaboration has the potential to transform medical research, paving the way for more effective treatments for COVID-19 and other diseases affecting the neural tissue.

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