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Wesley Research Institute neurology research includes investigation for the onset of diseases, pathology assessments, new therapies, development of predictors & classifiers, and treatments for diseases such as Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons Disease, COVID-19 and other conditions.

Research Objectives

Fast and accurate diagnosis

Some of our research aims include identifying predictors or classifiers, for early diagnosis and detection of disease.

Improve understanding

A number of our neurology research studies are aiming to better predict disease progression and investigate the causes for onset of diseases such as Motor neurone disease.

Increase survival and quality of Life

Some of our research studies are investigating new treatments, which will hopefully provide patients with  symptomatic relief, improve quality of life, extend survival time and slow disease progression.

New Technology

The Neuro COVID-19 study uses spatial biology which is an extremely advanced imaging and genomics to create digital pathology assessments.

Research Goals

Research into faster and more accurate diagnosis

Improve understanding around the causes of disease and better prediction of disease progression

Increase survival and quality of life for patients and families

to support research

Clinical Trials

Older lady sitting in wheelchair looking out the window

Motor Neurone Disease: Testing a potential new treatment for ALS

The research project is testing a potential new treatment for ALS or FTD called WVE-004, with the aim to decrease the neurogenerative symptoms in these patients.
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