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Our independent research is focused on finding the most effective ways of reducing the impact of cancer across early detection, treatment and care.

Research Objectives

Improve understanding

Exploring new treatments as not all patients will respond to their immunotherapy treatment in the same way. Our melanoma study aims to find new biomarkers for immunotherapy in patients through analysing bacteria.

Increase quality of Life

One of the cancer studies is investigating the effect of exercise on quality of life will help us to determine if it positive effect on recovery following treatment.

Better Technology

The pancreatic cancer study aims to establish a useful imaging tracer for patients. This will better inform their treatment planning, which is critical for pancreatic cancer patients as the disease is usually aggressive and diagnosed when advanced.

Research Goals

Research into faster and more accurate diagnosis

Improve understanding around the causes of disease and better prediction of disease progression

Increase survival and quality of life for patients and families

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Clinical Trials

Lady doing a workout at home

Acumen For All

‘Enhancing treatment outcomes after gynaecological cancer’ (ACUMEN): Investigating the effect of exercise via telehealth on quality of life after treatment.
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