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By comparing current treatment methods and using state of the art procedures and techniques, our Cardiovascular and Critical Care research areas are focused on improving outcomes for patients and informing best practice for health professionals.

Cardiovascular & Critical Care Research Objectives

Better outcomes for patients

With the aid of a bronchoscopy procedure, we are trialing the use of an effective system to improve breathing function in people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Improve understanding

Research being undertaken into malignant pleural effusions, and the best method of draining them, will inform ongoing management of this condition and best practice standards.

Increase survival and quality of Life

Our research to determine favourable airway management procedures may help to better predict disease progression, reduce life-threatening complications and has the potential to influence best practice guidelines.

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Cardiovascular & Critical Care Clinical Trials

Determining which draining method is best for Pleural effusion

This one year research project aims to compare two commonly used methods of draining the effusion to determine which one is best.

Encompass Study

A Prospective, Single-arm, Multicenter Feasibility Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Performance of the F2 Filter and Delivery System Used for Embolic Protection during Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Alliance X4

Safety and Effectiveness of Balloon-Expandable Bioprosthetic SAPIEN X4 Transcatheter Heart Valve

Our Research Goals

Research into faster and more accurate diagnosis

Improve understanding around the causes of disease and better prediction of disease progression

Increase survival and quality of life for patients and families

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