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Breaking Ground in Paediatric Rare Disease Research

Wesley Research Institute is home to a groundbreaking trial using triheptanoin, a dietary fat, to treat Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), a rare degenerative neurological disorder. This trial has shown promising results, with observed improvements in neurology scales and cellular biomarkers indicating the treatment’s effectiveness.

World-First ‘Back to the Future’ Research Set To Boost Pandemic Protection  

A world-first research project by two Queensland professors is set to offer a blueprint for developing more effective vaccines and therapies specifically tailored to safeguard the health of children and young adults in times of global health crises.  Spearheaded by Professor John Fraser, Dr Arutha Kulasinghe and Associate Professor Kirsty Short, this pioneering study, funded […]

AI Initiative Targets ‘Beeps and Bongs’ to Revolutionise ICU Care 

A research initiative aiming to leverage Artificial Intelligence’s capabilities to detect early signs of patient deterioration, especially in those undergoing mechanical ventilation, is receiving significant backing from the Wesley Research Institute. At the helm of this innovative project are Dr James Winearls and Professor John Fraser.

Pioneering Research to Advance Pandemic Protection for Youth

A novel research initiative spearheaded by Professor John Fraser and Associate Professor Kirsty Short, is set to lay the groundwork for vaccines and treatments aimed at protecting children and young adults during health crises.

Empowering Cancer Survivors Through Innovative Exercise Therapy 

Dr Janine Porter-Steele and Professor Alexandra (Sandie) McCarthy are leading the FOXTROT project, focusing on delivering telehealth exercise therapy to cancer survivors living with ostomies.  

Researchers on Quest to Perfect Mitral Valve Repair in Cardiac Patients

A pioneering study led by Dr Christopher Raffel and Professor John Fraser is focusing on advancing the treatment of heart valve diseases, specifically targeting mitral regurgitation, a condition that significantly impacts the quality of life of around 200,000 Australians.

Breathing New Life into Cancer Care 

In a crucial study aimed at transforming post-operative care, Dr Luke Garske and Professor Ian Stewart are exploring a non-invasive method designed to strengthen the breathing muscles of patients undergoing talc pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion. 

Breakthrough Project Set To Transform Early Alzheimer’s Disease Detection 

Led by Associate Professor David Wong and Dr Sepinoud Firouzmand from I-MED Radiology Wesley at The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, this innovative project focuses on enabling early and accurate detection for millions of Alzheimer's Disease patients. 

Isaac Navicare Pilot Evaluation

Our new study published this week in PLOS ONE demonstrated how supportive mental health care navigation can help reduce healthcare inequities faced by people living in rural and remote Queensland. Kelly McGrath, Care Navigator, and Dr Olivia Fisher, Senior Research Fellow led an evaluation of Isaac Navicare’s uptake and effectiveness during the initial 12-month pilot.

Lung Cancer METASPATIAL Study awarded $1 million by the Australian Government

We’re delighted to announce that Dr Arutha Kulasinghe is leading the Lung Cancer METASPATIAL Study that has been awarded nearly $1m by the Australian Government. The project is supported by the Wesley Research Institute and the University of Queensland. The METASPATIAL Study will be undertaken over the next 4 years at Wesley Research Institute’s new Queensland Spatial Biology Centre (QSBC).

Leading the way for Virtual Hospital Research

Dr Olivia Fisher has recently assumed the role of Senior Research Fellow, directing her efforts towards leading the Virtual Hospital Research Program. Meanwhile, Dr Elizabeth Martin is transitioning into the position of Health Services Research Program Lead.
Wesley Research Institute's Queensland Spatial Biology Centre (QSBC)

Research breakthrough set to personalise treatment for Cancer, Heart and Lung Disease

At Wesley Research Institute's Queensland Spatial Biology Centre (QSBC), a team of researchers has made a significant breakthrough in pathology, set to revolutionise treatments for cancer, heart and lung disease.

Mitsubishi Development announces largest Australian partnership

On Thursday 6 July Wesley Research Institute and Mitsubishi Development signed a new partnership, the largest for Mitsubishi Development in Australia, which will provide significant funding for Navicare over the next two years.
Maureen Stevenson accepting her 2023 Queensland Community Philanthropist of the Year Award

Maureen Stevenson Award

Maureen Stevenson received the 2023 Community Philanthropist of the Year Award at the Queensland Philanthropy Awards (QCF) held at Brisbane Town Hall.

PARIS 2 research findings

World first research study outlines best practice for treating children with oxygen therapy

PARIS on Country

Respiratory treatment for children in remote areas set to improve
OMG Donuts

Wesley Research Institute Launches New Coeliac Research Network

OMG! Decadent Donuts was privileged to be invited to attend and supply donuts at the Wesley Research Institute’s launch of their new Coeliac Research Network

Wesley Research Institute Celebrates Successful Open Day

Wesley Research Institute celebrated the launch of its new brand with two open day events held at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital on May 3rd, and at The Wesley Hospital on May 5th.
Dr Shanthi Kanagarajah

Women in Medicine with Dr Shanthi Kanagarajah

Dr Shanthi Kanagarajah is a specialist geriatrician and general physician specialising in the health problems of older people and people who need specialist care. She is a visiting physician at the Wesley Hospital and also works at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and member of the board at Wesley Research Institute.
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