Research Team - Wesley Research Institute
Wesley Research Institute

Clinical Trials Centre Team

Our Clinical Trials team are made up of experienced nurses with a range of specialty areas and interests. The team are exceptionally caring and go out of their way to ensure patients and their families receive the best quality care and support during their clinical trial experience.

The clinical trials team
Olivia Fisher

Health Services Research Team

Health Services Research is a new and fast growing area at Wesley Research Institute. The team is comprised of experienced researches with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. The team is widely varied and includes Implementation scientists, qualitative researchers and a health economist.


Biobank Team

The Biobank team manage over 40,000 samples currently and these samples allow researchers to better understand the underlying causes of diseases, develop new diagnostic tests and treatments and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients.

Biobank staff
Kristina lying in a hospital bed

Coeliac Disease & Immune Health Research Program Team

Wesley Research Institute is developing a world leading multi-disciplinary research program for Coeliac Disease and Immune Health.


Research Office

Wesley Research Institute is a not-for profit organisation that focuses on improving patient care and quality of life through innovative clinical research. Our Research Office team manages the high amount of research interest each year from clinicians and health professionals through the grant rounds.

Woman in a lab wearing a lab coat and holding books
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