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Naomi Berrell

QSBC Research Assistant

Naomi Berrell is a Research Assistant at the Queensland Spatial Biology Centre. She graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science First Class Honours from the Frazer Institute, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland. Naomi has extensive experience applying spatial biology approaches across a number of solid malignancies to identify predictive tissue-based signatures for the development of predictive biomarkers. She has presented her findings at national and spatial user group meetings across Australia.

Professor John Fraser

QSBC Clinical Director

Prof John Fraser is the Queensland Spatial Biology (QSBC) Clinical Director, Founder and Director of the Critical Care Research Group, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd and Immediate Past President of the Asia Pacific ELSO Chapter. John has five professorships across major Australian universities, has published over 580 peer-reviewed publications; and has received more than $41 million in competitive grants. In 2018, John was awarded the Australian Society of Medical Research Clinical Research Award.

Sarah Harriman

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Sarah is a Registered Nurse who works as a Clinical Trials Coordinator at Wesley Research Institute and on the Paediatric and Adolescent Ward at The Wesley Hospital. Sarah also volunteers as a peer support worker for bereaved parents at Children’s Health Queensland. She has a Bachelor of Nursing from ACU. Sarah then completed a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing (Child and Adolescent Health) and was awarded The Australian College of Children & Young People’s Nurses Award. Her current research interests include paediatrics, rare diseases, dermatology, food allergies, and immunology.

Venita Bali

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Venita is a registered nurse who works as a Clinical Trials Coordinator at the Wesley Research Institute. She has a Bachelor or Nursing from QUT. She has worked in clinical trials over the last 10 years in various therapeutic areas including rare diseases, immunology and coeliac disease. She enjoys being part of a team that endeavours to promote a positive experience to study participants engaged in clinical trials.

Eve Boonchuy

Clinical Research Assistant

Eve is a Clinical Research Assistant (Ethics & Compliance) at the Wesley Research Institute. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Industry Practice. In her role, alongside Senior Grants & Compliance Specialist Emma Blake, she supports the clinical team by ensuring regulatory compliance throughout clinical trials. 

Bronwyn Field

Clinical Trial Coordinator

 Bronwen Field is a registered nurse with 20 years’ experience, working in both rural and metropolitan hospitals across 4 different states. She has been working as a clinical trial coordinator since 2019, primarily in cardiac and respiratory trials. Bronwen currently focuses on pulmonary artery hypertension trials and is passionate about bringing better treatment options to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for our patients. 

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