Biobank Team – Wesley Research Institute
Wesley Research Institute
Michael Hodges-Langford

Dr Michael Hodges-Langford

Biobank & Clinical Laboratory Coordinator

Michael currently oversees the operations of the Wesley Research Institute Biobank and Clinical Laboratory. He holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with First Class Honours and a PhD in Neuroscience. During his time in academic research, Michael investigated the molecular mechanisms underpinning the development of the brain and placenta. Having also worked in both anatomical pathology and clinical trial laboratories, Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the management of biospecimens. In his current role, Michael is dedicated to making high-quality biospecimens available to researchers, recognizing the pivotal role they play in driving scientific discovery and improving human health.

Elise Matuzelski

Elise Matuzelski

Clinical Research Assistant

Elise is a Clinical Research Assistant at the Wesley Research Institute. She has a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) with a First Class Honours from the University of Queensland. During her time in research, she studied stem cell fate throughout spinal cord development, as well as following traumatic spinal cord injuries. Her background in academic research and clinical trials settings has uniquely positioned her to support a range of different clinical trials both in and out of the lab, as well as assisting with the Wesley Research Institute Biobank operations.

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