About the ABB WMR Tissue Bank

The ABB (formally Ventyx) Wesley Medical Research Tissue Bank was founded in 2007 and is located at The Wesley Hospital.

In 2011, ABB generously committed $1.5 million to support the Tissue Bank. Without this vital funding, the Tissue Bank would not have been able to operate, expand and flourish. As ABB’s funding tenure is coming to an end in 2016, we ask for your support to secure the continuous operations of this valuable research facility and resource in the coming years. Click here to see the different ways you can help.

The ABB WMR Tissue Bank is a purpose-built research facility providing a diverse collection of ethically obtained blood and tissue specimens for bio-medical research.

Samples stored in the Tissue Bank are collected from people from all over Australia, and are then distributed to medical researchers who investigate better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer and other conditions.

The ABB WMR Tissue Bank is open-sourced, allowing both national and international researchers to access samples, subject to approval by the Tissue Bank Management Committee. Unlike some other tissue banks, there is no requirement for WMR to be involved in the research. Over 40 research projects Australia-wide have utilised ABB WMR Tissue Bank samples.

In addition to facilitating research projects, the ABB WMR Tissue Bank is also home to 3 biobanks  established to accelerate research for specific conditions: Queensland Brain Tumour Bank, the Australasian Skin Cancer Tissue Bank and the Australian Autism Biobank.



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The ABB WMR Tissue Bank team

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From the left: Shannah del Rosario (interning student), Rebecca Rogers (lab assistant), WMR Tissue Bank Manager Emma Raymond, David van der Heide (lab assistant), Deb Gietzel (lab technician) & Jamie Garner (interning student)