Wesley Medical Research Biobank

Wesley Medical Research Biobank

For breakthroughs in cancer, autism and rare genetic disease, the Wesley Medical Research Biobank is playing a significant role.

A biobank is a collection of biological samples, stored in a laboratory. Researchers can then use them to learn more about diseases to trial new drugs and treatments. 

Founded in 2007, this open-sourced and purpose-built research facility, provides a diverse collection of ethically obtained blood and tissue specimen samples for biomedical research. Uniquely, it is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and of course, the Biobank is providing researchers access to human specimens which will be used to identify improvements in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Holding 40,000 samples, this highly specialised facility offers long-term protection and storage for the Queensland Brain Tumour Bank, the Australian Autism Biobank and the Justin Cameron Sarcoma Collection.

What is a biobank? Biobank frozen tissue samples in vials.
In addition, these small samples will play a critical role in advancing diagnostics and clinical care.
Biobank test tube samples being piped into each tube.
Samples, in the first place, are collected from people from all over Australia, then distributed to medical researchers.

The samples collected have also allowed researchers to:

  • Understand the molecular mechanisms which lead to cancers in children, adolescents, and young adults
  • Establish new molecular-based diagnostic tests which will assist with the selection of the most appropriate treatments
  • Investigate tumour biology using cell lines
  • Test new drugs and therapies before use in the clinic
  • Identify new targets for therapy, and
  • Reduce the debilitating side effects of treatment.

Biobank facilities 

  • Freezer room with -80°C freezers
  • -20°C freezers and refrigeration storage, and
  • Laboratory Data processing and administration areas.

All freezers are centrally monitored and fitted with back-to-base alarms which are monitored 24/7 to reduce the risks associated with sample loss. Not to mention, our equipment adheres to international Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards and guidelines.


Why your support is so important

Above all, Wesley Medical Research Biobank is a not-for-profit and only charges a small fee to researchers to cover the shipping and handling, cost of consumables, and staff time. The Biobank receives no government funding and is dependent on support from the community to stay open. Help Wesley Medical Research continue giving hope and changing lives by supporting this vital biobank.
Headshot of Dr Johanna Schager smiling.


Further information:

Research Officer Dr Johanna Schagen
E: WMRBiobank@wesleyresearch.org.au
Ph: (07) 3721 1500


Wesley Medical Research

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