For breakthroughs in cancer, autism and rare genetic disease, the Wesley Medical Research Biobank is playing a significant role. Founded in 2007, the BioBank is a purpose-built research facility providing a diverse collection of ethically obtained blood and tissue specimens for bio-medical research.  High-quality researchers depend on our Biobank to access human specimens that will be used to identify improvements in detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Holding 30,000 samples, this highly specialised facility offers long-term protection and storage for the Queensland Brain Tumour Bank, the Australian Autism Biobank and the Justin Cameron Sarcoma Collection.

Currently, the Biobank is providing samples to advance single drop diagnostics that will identify if patients have active cancer cells. One drop of blood contains a massive amount of information, millions of cells, trillions of small molecules like proteins, nucleic acids and ions. With your support, we have been able to provide these researchers with vital samples to develop this technology. 

Samples stored in the BioBank are collected from people from all over Australia, and are then distributed to medical researchers who investigate better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer and other conditions.

Our BioBank is open-sourced, allowing both national and international researchers to access samples. 

Over 50 research projects Australia-wide have utilised samples from the Wesley Medical Research BioBank.

These small samples will play a critical role in advancing diagnostics and clinical care.
Samples are collected from people from all over Australia, then distributed to medical researchers.

Wesley Medical Research

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