Coeliac Research Program

Coeliac Research Program

Coeliac Disease

Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in coeliac diagnosis, along with other autoimmune diseases. With 80% of cases undiagnosed, finding less invasive testing methods to accurately diagnose the disease and understanding the triggers for its development are crucial. 

Wesley Medical Research is committed to undertaking research initiatives that will help discover new ways to diagnose, treat and manage Coeliac Disease. 

Good things are happening in research for coeliac disease, however, without patient participation and funding for research, progress will be slow. 

Our Research Focus

Fast and accurate diagnosis

Improve understanding of the disease

Management beyond a gluten-free diet

Active Program

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Presentations & Events

A Coeliac Revolution: On the Cusp of Real Change

Gastroenterologist, Dr James Daveson is actively involved in global research and provided an update on new diagnostic testing and novel management therapies that could transform a coeliac diagnosis.

In August 2018, he presented at Wesley Medical Research on the current state of Coeliac Research and where it was heading.

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