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Research Programs

Our Approach

Medical research changes lives. Our approach allows our UnitingCare clinicians: doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, the opportunity to be agents for change.

These front-line clinicians see patients every day and understand the difference new treatments, innovative care and novel therapies can make to their patients.

Unlike laboratory-based research which takes over a decade to show results, the majority of our research will result in visible medical advancements, better healthcare practices and lasting patient benefits within five years.

Our Focus

Invest in innovative and ambitious research

Real outcomes for patients within five years

Provide access to cutting edge treatment

Our Specialities

We have chosen to focus on specialty areas that build on our research strength, capability and impact. 

Our research outcomes are focused on providing advanced care for patients, improvements in diagnostic techniques, novel treatment options, and faster recovery pathways, all with the goal of producing better outcomes for patients.


Cardiology & Cardiovascular

COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre

Wesley Medical Research is committed to conducting critically needed research to fight COVID-19, which is why we have established the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre.

The Centre comprises a dedicated team of world-leading researchers and healthcare professionals who are committed to conducting research that delivers immediate improvements to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of COVID-19. 

Research conducted as part of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre is already making an impact.

Read about our COVID-19 Research Program

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