Thank you for visiting us at the Gluten Free Expo – 15th-16th June

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Thank you to everyone who popped by to visit us at the recent Gluten Free Expo. As well as sampling a range of delicious gluten-free goodies, the Gluten Free Expo was a great opportunity for visitors to come and hear from the amazing (we’re not biased) researchers who are doing brilliant work in developing new therapies and diagnostic techniques in coeliac disease.

We filmed the researcher’s presentations, which can be watched below.

We were there all weekend to answer questions about the research and to talk to people who would like to get involved in our coeliac research program.

>> View the full event program here

Presentations from the Gluten Free Expo- June 2019

Paediatric Gastroenterologist Dr Richard Muir presented on Saturday 15th June about childhood coeliac disease.


Gastroenterologist and Researcher Dr James Daveson presented on Sunday 16th June at 10am to update everyone on the latest in research and novel therapies.


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