Research Support Services – Description & Details

Support ServiceShort Description
Study Start-up Services
Research Question and Study Design AssistanceRefining study question, hypothesis, aims of study and determination of appropriate design to answer study question
Literature Search and ReviewSearch of applicable medical literature for study and compilation of literature review/study background
Preparation of Grant SubmissionsPreparation of “Application for Research Support” for WMR support or application to external funding agency
Statistical Assistance – Pre studyPower calculations, study design
Protocol PreparationDrafting of study or clinical trial protocol
Ethics and Governance Submission AssistancePreparation of initial application and accompanying documents (PICF) and assistance with submission to UnitingCare Health HREC
Setting up Research Collaboration/sPartnering doctor or other UCH health professional with experienced university academic/s to support objectives of study
Study Conduct Services
Ongoing Project Management and OversightPreparation and maintenance of project management documents including recruitment plan; submission of protocol variations, monitoring of project progress and adherence to study deadlines/milestones/budget
Statistical AssistanceGeneration of randomisation list, study analysis
Data ManagementDatabase and CRF creation, data collection, collation, entry
Study/Clinical Trial Co-ordinationAssistance with study clinical/trial setup and co-ordination
Research Nurse / PhysicianPatient recruitment, consent and randomisation allocation, conduct of study visits (e.g. venepuncture, dispensing of study drug, administration of clinical tests), study amendments
Diagnostic tests and interventionsAccess to imaging (e.g. MRI/PET/CT scans), pathology assessment, doctor’s time as long as they are not an investigator
Equipment UseUse of WMR equipment to conduct study
Facilities UseUse of WMR facilities e.g. clinical assessment rooms, lab, general office space
Diagnostic tests and interventionsAccess to imaging (e.g. MRI/PET/CT scans), pathology assessment, doctor’s time as long as they are not an investigator
Direct Funding- Funding for equipment or personnel employed for specific purpose in specialised area of research or clinical discipline not provided by WMR, e.g. Post-doctoral Research Fellow or PhD student, Physiotherapist, Dietician, etc.
- Funding for travel if it is an integral part of the project, i.e. data collection, multi-site collaborations. The mode of travel must be indicated.
- Small reimbursement or payment incentive to research participants (e.g. parking), as long as payment is ethically acceptable (see the NHMRC document ‘Using the National Statement I: Payments to participants in research, particularly clinical trials’).
Study Wrap-up Services
Research Publication and Conference Preparation AssistanceDrafting of manuscript/s for journal publication or abstract for conference submission
Study Record ArchivingAt study closeout, secure storage of study documents for mandated time periods followed by destruction of paper and electronic files at end of storage period
Other Services
Research Skills Workshops and SeminarsRefining research question, study design and planning, data collection, database setup, statistical analysis
Media Training/BriefingPreparation for media interviews, announcements
Access to Research Mentors NetworkProvision of access to experienced clinical researchers for mentoring purposes