Research: Improving Regional Health

Improving health and wellbeing in regional Queensland

Promoting mental health and wellbeing; maintaining healthy weight; addressing alcohol and drug issues
and improving access to health services in Regional Queensland.

Project Updates –

Final Report for this project has now been published.

Download: Executive Summary Report              |             View final project report here

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Forums in November 2015.  The purpose of these forums was to discuss the findings from the Health Needs Assessments for the communities of Gladstone and Surat Basin.

Key areas of need and concern for the Regional Queensland communities:

  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing;
  • Maintaining healthy weight;
  • Addressing alcohol and drug issues and
  • Improving access to health services in Regional Queensland.

Summary of Health Needs Assessment results in Western Downs, Maranoa and Gladstone is available to download here! Please click on the respective location for more details.

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Click here to view Health Needs Assessment report              |             Download/View Summary Health Needs Assessment (Report 1) here.


Project Background –

Approximately 75% of Australians are living with at least one chronic medical condition such as depression, diabetes, cancer, asthma or heart disease.

It is also well recognised that health issues affecting people living in rural and regional Australia differ from those living in urban areas.  Rural and remote communities also tend to experience greater barriers to accessing services and have poorer health outcomes compared to urban populations.

This research project aims to increase our understanding of the health conditions and determinant factors that affect the health and well-being of communities in the Western Downs, Maranoa and Gladstone regions in Queensland. This will enable the research team to develop relevant recommendations that will be taken to local, state and federal level for action.


Progress to Date –

Phase 1 (January 2014 – October 2015) involved development and implementation of a comprehensive Health Needs Assessment resulting in the identification of key health and wellbeing needs.

Phases 2 (October 2015 – February 2016) involves stakeholder engagement with policy-makers, industry partners, public and private health services, community representatives and other relevant government and non-government decision makers to prioritise key health/wellbeing issues to be addressed. This process will lead to actionable and sustainable solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and regional Queenslanders. These actionable solutions may take the form of a policy, program or strategic planning that addresses the identified health issue.

Phase 3 (January – April 2016) will involve further stakeholder consultation along with a review of effective community-based health promotion approaches to respond to the identified health needs. This information together with specific considerations for regional Queensland will provide a series of recommendations for future action.

The study has received funding from Australia Pacific LNG.