Research Publications

Research projects are designed to have an outcome and answer a question. Submitting papers, articles and journals to science, medicine and research publications is a very important means to distribute those outcomes, thereby contributing to the pool of knowledge that influences change in how we diagnose, treat and manage a multitude of conditions.

We proudly promote the work of our amazing researchers and have compiled lists below of research papers that have been published as a result of their hard work. 

  1. Alvares, G. A., Dawson, P. A., Dissanayake, C., Eapen, V., Gratten, J., Grove, R., . . . Australian Autism Biobank, t. (2018). Study protocol for the Australian autism biobank: an international resource to advance autism discovery research. BMC Pediatr, 18(1), 284.
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  5. Mactaggart, F., McDermott, L., Tynan, A., & Gericke, C. A. (2017). Exploring the determinants of health and wellbeing in communities living in proximity to coal seam gas developments in regional Queensland. BMC Public Health, 18(1), 51. 
  6. Mactaggart, F., McDermott, L., Tynan, A., & Whittaker, M. (2018). Exploring the broader health and well-being outcomes of mining communities in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review. Glob Public Health, 13(7), 899-913.
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