Research makes a difference

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Research makes a difference

CEO Dr Claudia Giurgiuman sharing why research makes a difference

Wesley Medical Research CEO, Dr Claudia Giurgiuman, followed the ‘yellow brick road’, with her career path leading her from the lab to leadership. Featured in Life Sciences Queensland’s Podcast today, Claudia shares her substantial experience in medical research, research management, and research strategy development.

“Back then it was all about molecules, today it’s about strategy, about guiding from above.”

Ambition is what has allowed her to continue to develop and grow all activities with Wesley Medical Research’s portfolio.

“My curiosity has brought me to where I am, to help our sick and our vulnerable people.”

With more than two decades in medical research, Claudia has developed executive-level skills in collaborative development, strategic implementation and change facilitation.

Claudia is also steering the development and growth of our Clinical Trials Centre and overseeing our core grant and philanthropic investment portfolio.

Listen to Ep 10 Life Sciences in Queensland Podcast – w/ Dr Claudia Giurgiuman now.

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