Prof David Paterson awarded NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship for research excellence

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Professor David Paterson, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Research at Wesley Medical Research, was awarded the Practitioner Fellowship Award at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Excellence Awards in Canberra last night.

As the top-ranked applicant within the NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship scheme, Prof David Paterson is recognised for supporting research that translates new evidence into improved clinical practice and health policy to deliver better health and healthcare to Australians.

UnitingCare Health Group Executive Mr Arthur Yannakou said UnitingCare Health hospitals were proud of the growing research culture fostered by Wesley Medical Research. Under Prof David Paterson’s leadership, there is a strong focus on improving patient care and outcomes using research evidence.

“Professor Paterson, Wesley Medical Research and the clinicians at UnitingCare Health hospitals are raising standards of treatment and giving hope to patients through research every day. I congratulate Prof Paterson on this wonderful achievement,” said Mr Yannakou.

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