COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre

COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre

Where It All Began...

In 2020, Wesley Medical Research saw the critical need to conduct research to fight an ever-evolving pandemic, now known as COVID-19.

Statistics recorded at the beginning of the pandemic revealed that in 2020, 7% of all COVID-19 cases in Australia and 75% of all deaths were in people living in residential aged care.

Not to mention, the initial impacts of the pandemic significantly increased levels of psychological distress.

During this time, Wesley Medical Research made the commitment to conducting critically needed research to fight COVID-19, which is where the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre was first established. 

The Centre is compromised of a dedicated team of world-leading researchers and healthcare professionals who are committed to conducting research that delivers immediate improvements to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of COVID-19. 

By establishing strong collaborations with hospitals and research institutions in Australia and around the world, the Centre contributes toward the global understanding of COVID-19 and arms experts with the answers that they need to battle and overcome the virus.

Our Research Focus

Critically Ill

Frontline Workers

Pre-existing Conditions

Vulnerable Patients

Recovery After COVID-19

Panel Pledge Live at the official opening of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre

Our holistic research program directly benefits healthcare workers exposed to COVID-19, critically ill patients, those with pre-existing conditions who are impacted by the virus and vulnerable communities in rural and regional Queensland.

Watch more on the initial phase of this inspiring and informative event and the research that is making a difference in the fight against COVID-19 

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Research conducted as part of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre has and will continue to make a real impact.

Our Current COVID-19 Research Projects

Associate Professor Gianluigi Li Bassi |
ICU Specialist, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital

This study will investigate the long-term impact of COVID-19 to ensure that the millions of people infected with the virus around the world receive the best medical care in the future.

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Our Completed COVID-19 Research Projects

Professor John Fraser & Associate Professor Gianluigi Li Bassi
Intensive Care Specialists, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital

In this project, medical experts from across the globe are sharing critical insights, experience and expertise about how COVID-19 patients are being treated in their hospitals.


Professor Bala Venkatesh | Director ICU, The Wesley Hospital

With no proven treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, it is critical that we protect our frontline healthcare workers against COVID-19 so they can continue caring for our most vulnerable patients.

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Professor Steven McPhail| Academic Director, AusHSI

Alarmingly, suicide rates in Australia may increase by up to 50% as a result of COVID-19, as individuals battle the social and economic impacts of the virus. This mental health research project aims to develop and trial a model of care to improve mental health services in rural communities.

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