Medical research saved my life

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Your gift today could mean that when someone hears the words ‘you have cancer’, they’ll also hear, ‘but we have good treatment options for you – and you’ll be able to get on with your life.’

This Christmas, will you donate towards research that could help the ONE IN TWO Queenslanders who’ll be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes?

It seemed to Ann that the biggest interruption to ‘normal’ life would be a few weeks of self-isolation with her husband, who had just returned from work overseas.

It was during that two-week period that she started getting back pain. Ann had previously had some treatment for sciatica – but this was different. Her pain rapidly became unbearable.

She remembers: “My GP organised for a scan, and I had the scan the next day. At the Wesley, they called in a surgeon to look at the scan and he said, ‘there’s a tumour that’s wrapping around your spinal cord. It’s extremely dangerous and you could become paralysed at any moment.’”

Patient Ann wearing a headscarf to cover her head after her hair feel out from chemo.
Ann started chemotherapy, a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body, that saved her life.

Cancer remains one of the most common and most dangerous diseases in our community. One in two of us will hear the news that we have cancer during our lifetimes.

That’s why we are investing in research that will help cancer patients – and quickly.

Ann is a person who loves her life. And there are many people who love and need her, including her children, step-children, grandkids, and dear friends.

Ann’s a keen gardener, she sings in a community choir, and up until her cancer diagnosis had been healthy and active.

You can understand how shocked she must have been to receive the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on her spine – and the possibility that it could paralyse her.

In a sudden, sickening moment, she became one of the one in two of us who’ll get cancer in our lifetimes.

Will you please consider supporting our important work with a donation today? Your gift can help find better treatments for cancers, or give cancer patients like Ann a better quality of life.

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