International Clinical Trials Day | 20 May 2019

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Clinical Trials Day is the perfect opportunity for us to recognise and appreciate the reasons why we love working with clinical trials.

This day of celebration also provides our community with a unique opportunity to raise awareness of clinical trials – and of clinical research as a career option – among the greater public.

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world in May to recognize the day that James Lind started what is often considered the first randomized clinical trial aboard a ship on May 20, 1747.

May, 1747.

The HMS Salisbury of Britain’s Royal Navy fleet patrols the English Channel at a time when scurvy is thought to have killed more British seamen than French and Spanish arms.

Aboard this ship, surgeon mate James Lind, a pioneer of naval hygiene, conducts what many refer to as the first clinical trial.

Acting on a hunch that scurvy was caused by putrefaction of the body that could be cured through the introduction of acids, Lind recruited 12 men for his “fair test.” (Ed: Historians are at odds regarding whether Lind secured Institutional Review Board approval before proceeding with subject recruitment, but largely agree his Informed Consent process did not measure up to modern standards.) 

sourced from the Clinical Trials day website www.clinicaltrialsday.org/about 


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