Hope for Sleep Improvement in Parkinson’s Patients

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Research Trial participant Christine Payze, 71, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2011 and began experiencing insomnia around 2015.

“My sleep has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I was always pretty good, and would sleep through most nights. But now I will wake, and I’m alert and can’t to get back to sleep, almost every night. It makes the days that much more difficult.”

Christine is about to start on the Melatonin for Insomnia in Parkinson’s disease that will help to determine whether melatonin should be included in treatment plans for PD patients who suffer from sleep disturbances.

“I was advised by my GP to try melatonin, and then heard about this clinical trial through Parkinson’s Queensland,” said Christine. “It was perfect timing, and being part of the clinical trial means that my experience will contribute to an answer, and help other people with Parkinson’s disease.”

5. Insomnia_ChrisPayze
Chris Payze enjoying time with her granddaughter Sophie

Studies have found that there is a reduction in the release of melatonin for PD patients, which has a link to the two thirds of PD patients who suffer from sleep disturbances.  Sleep disorders often cause major discomfort in Parkinson’s disease. Not only is the person’s health and quality of life affected, but so are their family members’, especially if they are also carers.  

The researchers are currently recruiting for more possible participants for this trial.

If you have Parkinson’s disease and suffer from sleep disturbances, follow the link below to read more about the trial and register your interest

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