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Hope-builders' untied donation to continue supporting ongoing medical research

Donors Wendy and Alan Grummit smile at camera after their untied donation was received.

Hope-builders in our journey of giving hope and changing lives. Wendy and Alan Grummitt share why an untied donation helps medical research advance. We hope these stories will inspire other donors to share their stories, so we can grow a vibrant and connected donor community.

Generosity and humbleness are often companions. Hope-builders Wendy and Alan Grummitt are wonderful examples of this.

In their family room, we enjoyed some small talk before diving into the big question—Why donate?

Wendy and Alan, lifetime supporters of Wesley Medical Research, say why not?

No strangers to philanthropy, Wendy and Alan say that they have always been driven to help. Now they want to encourage others to think about doing the same.

“We worked hard all of these years and now we want to put that hard work into helping our community’s future,” Alan reflected.

They have a long history with the Methodist, then Uniting Church, The Wesley Hospital, and Wesley Medical Research. Wendy volunteered in the coffee shop at The Wesley Hospital for almost 25 years and more recently was a patient.

Wendy and Alan know her treatment, and successful recovery was due to the many generous donors who support medical research. This meant the doctors and health workers had the opportunity to identify new ways to treat disease and illnesses.

“We understand how research develops. Doctors start researching in one area, only to discover that the drug they thought would do one thing ended up doing something completely different. Research is wonderful for that,” Wendy remarked.

Wendy and Alan’s recent donation to Wesley Medical Research is ‘in perpetuity’, with the hope that their donation will continue to have an impact for many years.

“We had made provision for the donation in our wills but decided to make the donation now, recognising the outstanding medical research currently in progress,” Alan added.

But large or small Wendy and Alan say any donation helps.

Thank you the Grummitt family, for your investment in Wesley Medical Research. Your donation has made a difference and will help continue life-saving research for many years to come.

If you would like to share your story of what inspired you to give to Wesley Medical Research, we would love to hear from you. Please email cherie.smith@wesleyresearch.org.au or call 3721 1500 and let’s have a cuppa and chat!

Read more stories and updates in IMPACT magazine’s Spring 2021 Issue #67.

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