Dr Jim Aylward wins Clunies Ross Innovation Award for Non-Invasive Skin Cancer Treatment

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Wesley Medical Research is proud to congratulate our non-executive director, Dr Jim Aylward on being awarded this year’s Clunies Ross Innovation Award at a special ceremony in Melbourne on the 13th June.

Dr Aylward is the inventor of Picato, an anti-skin cancer drug developed from a folk-lore remedy. The product of 15 years of dedicated research and testing, Picato is a prescription non-invasive treatment for Actinic keratosis (AK), which is a pre-cancerous patch of thick, scaly, or crusty skin. The three-day treatment course means less surgery, less scarring and better outcomes for patients.

The Clunies Ross Innovation Award 2018


Dr James Aylward accepting his award. Photo by - ATSE

The Clunies Ross Innovation Award recognises a researcher or developer who has been responsible for the development and adoption of a technology that has significantly improved societal and/or industry capabilities. In this case the primary outcome is not a financial benefit but has measurable broad community or industry impact.

Wesley Medical Research is fortunate in benefitting from Dr Aylward’s extensive experience and knowledge, through his contribution on the board.   

Read more about the Clunies Ross Innovation Award: https://www.atse.org.au/content/about/clunies-ross-awards-recipient-profiles/2018.aspx

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