Wesley Medical Research launches COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre to inform patient treatment now

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The world is rapidly changing every day during this global health crisis, but questions to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19 remain unanswered. The launch of a new collaborative virtual research centre seeks to fast-track answers.

Wesley Medical Research established the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre to conduct critically-needed research to fight COVID-19.

The Centre comprises a dedicated team of world-leading researchers and healthcare professionals who are committed to conducting research that delivers immediate improvements to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of COVID-19.

As scientists make new discoveries about the virus and clinicians diagnose and treat an alarming number of new cases, the understanding of COVID-19 increases and healthcare workers are better equipped to fight this disease.

“Despite the devastation that COVID-19 has brought to our world, I am humbled by the way in which the global community has come together to combat this deadly virus,” said Dr Claudia Giurgiuman, Wesley Medical Research General Manager. “And I am thrilled that our organisation can truly be a part of the solution.”

“The Rapid Response Research Centre will allow us to respond quickly to evolving knowledge and information and be able to provide answers that matter most to patients right now.”

By establishing strong collaborations with hospitals and research institutions in Australia and around the world, the Centre will contribute to the global understanding of COVID-19 and arm experts with the answers that they need to battle the virus.

As part of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre, Wesley Medical Research has opened an ongoing call for applications to fund new research projects.  This allows unprecedented agility to researchers and healthcare professionals. 

As the official research organisation for UnitingCare Hospitals across Queensland, Wesley Medical Research is uniquely positioned to leverage the significant healthcare expertise and research experience available within these institutions to develop a cutting edge and impactful research program that will benefit people locally and internationally.

Wesley Medical Research’s independent, expert Research Committee reviews every research proposal to ensure scientific merit, feasibility and quality.  They continue to comply with a robust governance framework to ensure funding is invested in research that achieves a significant and immediate impact on health outcomes.

The Wesley Medical Research COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre will rigorously conduct and contribute to cutting edge research that aims to find the answers that make a real difference in the fight against COVID-19 but this cannot be delivered without support from the community. 

The only way to find answers is through research, and the only way we can conduct research is with your help.

Please donate to fast track research that could save countless lives across the globe.

Read more about the research projects being conducted as a part of the Research Centre.

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