A mother’s love

A mother’s love

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The gift of Justin Cameron's legacy

A mother's love shared at the Justin Cameron Foundation closing party. Participants and guests smile at camera.

It takes a mother’s love to overcome the loss of a child. Rhonda Cameron thanks you for your support of the Biobank and her son Justin.

It has been nearly twenty years since Rhonda Cameron’s son, Justin, lost his life to a rare disease.

Justin and his family were featured in our June campaign this year and helped raise vital funds for Wesley Medical Research. In life, Rhonda said that Justin was always thinking of others; and in death, he still is.

Rhonda will never get over the heartache of losing her son. “We desperately wanted to know something good could come of his passing. Justin would have wanted that too. My beautiful boy always wanted to make others’ lives better,” she said.

Just before his seventeenth birthday, Justin lost his life to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer that has a higher incidence rate in adolescents and young adults.

Justin’s tissue samples were donated to help researchers learn about, and identify new treatments for Australians diagnosed with this rare cancer. Sadly, because Ewing’s sarcomas are so rare, they are hard to study, which is why the Wesley Medical Research Biobank is so important to this research.

Through the generous support of the Wesley Medical Research community over $65,000 was raised to help fund medical research.

Rhonda said she draws on Justin’s grace and strength every day. “When they found a secondary cancer, they told him it could be five months or five years. At that point he said he was going to live for today but look to the future.”

“That was how we survived after we lost him. You deal with one day at a time, because it’s just too hard to think of doing it again tomorrow.”

With your help, we can help other families live longer lives together. But more importantly, Wesley Medical Research will work tirelessly to ensure Rhonda Cameron and her family continue to see advances in research, in memory of her son, Justin.

Read more stories and updates in IMPACT magazine’s Spring 2021 Issue #67.

Patient Justin with puppy.

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