2006 – 2007 Annual Report

Highlights from the year are outlined below:

  • The development of biodegradable surface coatings with incorporated antibiotics to help prevent bacterial infections after bone implants
  • Improved diagnosis of early breast cancer using novel image analysis of MRI
  • Established that inpatient aquatic physiotherapy, in addition to usual ward physiotherapy, has a beneficial effect on regaining muscle strength and helps decrease length of hospital stay after joint replacement surgery
  • The development of a new inventory that distinguishes which obese patients are likely to benefit from lap band surgery and those who are not
  • A new treatment regime for patients with an overactive bladder has been successfully tested in clinical trials and is now available on the Australian market
  • A new medication for patients with Type 2 diabetes has been found in a clinical trial to meet or exceed the high bar for efficacy and tolerability
  • The Institute won a competitive grant for $10 million from the Queensland State Government in August 2006 to construct a new state-of-the-art Health and Medical Research Centre
  • The Tissue Bank and new Clinical Trials Centre were opened by the former Premier of Queensland, Mr Peter Beattie, on 6 March 2007
  • First collection for The Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank on 29 March 2007
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  • 2006 - 2007 Annual Report