Research Support Services

Wesley Medical Research offers a wide range of research support services for doctors and other health professionals to undertake research. Whether you want to be involved in research from now on or have many years of experience under your belt, WMR can provide assistance where you require.

We understand that the word ‘research’ may seem daunting to some while many struggle to find a starting point, but WMR is here to help. With 22 years of experience in facilitating, supporting and encouraging doctors and other health professionals in their applied medical research journeys, WMR invites all medical researchers to seek support from us.

WMR offers tailored services that meet your specific research needs all the way from converting a research idea into reality through to translating research results into bedside application. When your research is completed, we also help you celebrate your achievements and publicise the good work you have done!

For the full list of research support services offered, please click here


Here is a summary list of the research support services we offer. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Research question and study design assistance
  • Statistics services, including advice, design and analysis
  • Ethics and governance guidance and assistance
  • Literature review
  • Research assistant/research nurse labour
  • Trial/study coordination – WMR Clinical Trials Centre
  • Database creation and data management
  • Collection of and access to biological samples – WMR BioBank
  • Use of equipment and other research facilities
  • Funding for equipment, services and support not provided by WMR
  • Instituting research collaborations
  • Research education and training


Apply for Research Support


Contact our research theme leaders today!


Dr Kelley Foster

Theme leader for:
- Neuroscience (Email)
- Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery (Email)

Ms Emma Raymond

Theme leader for:
- Cancer (Email)
- Women's & Children's Health (Email)

Ms Angela Tapuni

Theme leader for:
- Infections & Critical Illness (Email)
- Surgical & Medical Innovations (Email)

Dr Tamara Street

Theme leader for:
- Rural & Remote Health (Email)
(07) 3721 1503(07) 3721 1542(07) 3721 1545(07) 3721 1706

You can also contact WMR CEO & Director of Research Prof David Paterson.

We look forward to helping you undertake applied medical research that brings immediate, visible and lasting improvements to patient care and quality of life!