Cancer is the name given to a diverse group of diseases where some of the body’s cells become abnormal and begin to multiply and continue dividing out of control. The abnormal cells can invade and damage the tissue around them as well as spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can start almost everywhere in the body.

With an estimated 130,466 new cases diagnosed in Australia for 2016, it is vital that research continues to develop new methods of early detection, diagnosis and treatment regimes, and to improve education.

With a strong emphasis on translating better outcomes for patients in clinical care setting, WMR is committed to finding better treatments and improving clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients with cancer by actively supporting and collaborating with UnitingCare Health clinicians and researchers.

Theme Leader: Ms Emma Raymond

The Cancer Theme currently has a portfolio of a total of 23 projects, including clinical trials and BioBank facilitated projects focused on a range of cancers including Brain, Breast, Prostate, Endometrial, Ovarian, Skin and Blood.

We hope to improve patients’ lives by researching for more and better treatments options and management techniques, and possibly a cure one day!


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Latest News

  • $26000 was raised from Christmas gift wrapping at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to support research into breast cancer
  • The Justin Cameron Sarcoma Collection has been established by Justin Cameron Cancer Care Foundation in August 2016 to provide a valuable research resource to accelerate research into sarcoma.
  • Participants in Bridge to Brisbane 2016 (August) and Gold Coast Marathon 2016 (July) collectively raised almost $80,000 for the Queensland Brain Tumour Bank.

Current Research Projects

  • Cognitive Functioning After Adjuvant Chemotherapy For Early Breast Cancer – Follow-Up Evaluation 5 Years After Treatment [Chief Investigator: Dr Geoff Beadle]
  • Establishment of primary endometrial cancer xenografts [Chief Investigators: A/Prof James Nicklin, A/Prof Pamela Pollock]
  • Searching for novel prognostic indicators of survival for glioblastoma patients [Chief Investigators: A/Prof David Walker, Mr Geoffrey Osborne]
  • Profiling the intratumoural microbiome and host reactions in breast cancer tissue [Chief Investigator: A/Prof Ian Bennett]
  • Molecular mechanisms of kallikrein 7 enzymes promoting ovarian cancer metastasis and chemoresistance [Chief Investigators: A/Prof Nicholas Saunders, Dr Ying Dong]
  • Randomized controlled trial of respiratory muscle training after a pleurodesis to control malignant pleural effusion [Chief Investigator: Dr Luke Garske]
  • The Australasian malignant pleural effusion (AMPLE) 2 trial, an international multicentre randomized trial of two drainage regimes for indwelling pleural catheter effusion [Chief Investigator: Dr Luke Garske]
  • Journaling the Oncology Trajectory [Chief Investigator: Mrs Carlie Nielsen]
  • Well, look at that, it’s green [Chief Investigators: Ms Emma Raymond, Ms Anne-Marie Christensen]
  • Breast Cancer Observational [Chief Investigator: Prof Owen Ung]
  • Whole exome sequencing of pituitary tumours [Chief Investigators: Dr Emma Duncan, Dr Joseph Garcia-Redmond]
  • Queensland Brain Tumour Bank [Chief Investigator: Dr Sarah Olson]
  • Australasian Skin Cancer Tissue Bank [Chief Investigators Dr Stu Adamson, Ms Emma Raymond]


Research with Support & Services from BioBank only

As the BioBank is an open-access research resource, these research projects are led by researchers outside of UnitingCare Health hospitals and WMR who are receiving only BioBank services for their research.

  • Molecular pathology of breast tissue [Chief Investigator: Prof Sunil Lakhani]
  • Australian prostate cancer bioresource [Chief Investigator: Prof Judith Clements]
  • Defining therapeutic options for brain metastases [Chief Investigator: Prof Sunil Lakhani]
  • The role of Nf1 in glioma [Chief Investigators: Prof Linda Richards, Dr Jens Bunt]
  • Novel Strategies for prediction & control of advanced breast cancer via nanoscaled epigenetics-based biosensors [Chief Investigator: Matt Trau]
  • Cancer stem cell niche [Chief Investigator: Dr Mike Doran]
  • Retrospective validation of candidate biomarkers of cancer using IHC and Western blotting techniques [Chief Investigator: Dr Pascal Duijf]
  • Examination of the genes that control the growth and survival of blood cancers [Dr Steven Lane]
  • Identifying novel markers for breast cancer of high prognostic and monitoring value [Chief Investigator: Dr Eloise Dray]


Research needing Study/Trial Coordination Services only

  • Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) infusion [Chief Investigators: A/Prof David Walker, Prof Rajiv Khanna]


Our Researchers

– Dr Geoff Beadle

– A/Prof Ian Bennett

– Prof Melissa Brown

– Dr Ying Dong

– Dr Luke Garske

– Prof Kerrie Mengersen

– A/Prof James Nicklin

– Mrs Carlie Nielsen

– Mr Geoffrey Osborne

– A/Prof Pamela Pollock

– Ms Emma Raymond

– A/Prof Nicholas Saunders

– A/Prof David Walker


WMR Honorary Fellows

– Dr Joseph Garcia-Redmond

– Dr Sarah Olson


Research Supporters

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